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2018 - January Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Family Pack Program Contract - Deadline: Feb.15, 2018Jerry CarterPDF1/5/201825.27 KBDownload
VIDEO: Making Scouting AccessibleJerry CarterMP41/5/2018UnknownDownload
Family Inclusive Letter sent to Charter PartnersJerry CarterPDF1/5/201826.58 KBDownload
Family Inclusive Letter sent to Pack LeadersJerry CarterPDF1/5/2018462.42 KBDownload

2015 - October Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Webelos Badge Day 2015Jerry CarterPDF10/19/2015277.83 KBDownload
Cub Scout Online Training With My.Scouting.OrgJerry CarterPDF10/5/20151.26 MBDownload

Spring Round Table Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
BB Gun & Archery Range Master CoursesJT HargreavesTraining2/20/201584.50 KBDownload

2015 - January Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
Spring Camporee FlyerFlyers1/7/2015864.32 KBDownload
New Cub Scout ProgramCub Scouts1/7/2015746.93 KBDownload
AnnouncementsAnnouncements1/7/2015754.60 KBDownload

2014 - November Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Clicks
Ten Ring - TrainingTraining10/20/2014262.24 KBDownload702

2014 - October Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Clicks
AnnouncementsAnnouncements10/6/20141.05 MBDownload663

2014 - September Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Clicks
University of Scouting CatalogTraining10/1/2014926.05 KBDownload701
Open District Positions 9/12/2014614.74 KBDownload762
AnnouncementsAnnouncements10/1/2014926.05 KBDownload701

2014 - March Documents


2013 - October Documents

 TitleCategoryModified DateSize 
AnnouncementsAnnouncements10/9/20131.50 MBDownload
Summit Achievement AwardAwards10/9/2013123.46 KBDownload
Webelos Recruiting Best MethodsWebelos Transition10/9/201352.96 KBDownload
Webelos Scout Transition National BrochureWebelos Transition10/9/20135.88 MBDownload
Annual Planning Worksheet.pdf2/6/201415.00 KBDownload
Partnered Units Action PlanWebelos Transition10/9/201321.45 KBDownload

2013 - January Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Webelos Transition - Checklist For SuccessJerry Carterpdf1/10/201312.51 KBDownload
Webelos to Scouts Recruitment GuideJerry Carterpdf1/10/2013753.52 KBDownload
2015 Scouting VisionJerry Carterppt1/10/2013305.50 KBDownload

2012 - November Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Opening Flag CeremonyCrow River DistrictDOCX11/21/201268.00 KBDownload
Flag Ceremony - INDEX CARDSCrow River DistrictPDF11/21/2012259.66 KBDownload
The Aims and Methods of Boy ScoutingJerry CarterPDF11/21/2012562.23 KBDownload
Opening Flag CeremonyCrow River DistrictPDF11/21/2012294.41 KBDownload
Display, Customs and Care of the American FlagCrow River DistrictDOCX11/21/201233.80 KBDownload
Citizenship/Character TraitsJerry CarterPDF11/21/2012123.26 KBDownload
Flag Ceremony - INDEX CARDSCrow River DistrictDOCX11/21/201223.72 KBDownload
Display, Customs and Care of the American FlagCrow River DistrictPDF11/21/2012128.11 KBDownload

2012 - March Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Camp Friendship Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge FlyerJerry Carter.pdf3/2/2012553.98 KBDownload
Camp Friendship Disabilities Awareness Merit Badge RegistrationJerry Carter.pdf3/2/201249.50 KBDownload
Cultural Awareness Program FeaturesJerry Carter.pdf3/1/2012126.84 KBDownload
District Dinner ProgramJerry Carter.pdf3/1/201264.18 KBDownload
Diversity Award ApplicationJerry Carter.pdf3/1/201227.71 KBDownload
Diversity Training PresentationJerry Carter.pdf3/2/2012584.83 KBDownload
Spring Popcorn TrainingJerry Carter.pdf3/2/2012653.94 KBDownload
Spring Popcorn Training with VoiceoverJerry Carter.pptx3/2/201249.50 KBDownload
Ye Ole Dinner ProgramJerry Carter.pdf3/2/201253.88 KBDownload

2012 - February

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Boy Led TroopJerry CarterDocument2/1/2012267.38 KBDownload
Webelos-to-ScoutsJerry CarterDocument2/1/2012424.50 KBDownload
2011 JTE Troop QuestionnaireCrow River DistrictDocument2/1/201298.48 KBDownload
2011 JTE Crew QuestionnaireCrow River DistrictDocument2/1/20120.00 KBDownload
2011 JTE Pack QuestionnaireCrow River DistrictDocument2/1/2012282.08 KBDownload

2012 - January

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Base Camp Virtual TourJerry Carterpresentation1/18/20129.24 MBDownload

2011 - December

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Eagle Scout Court of Honor Resource BookCrow River DistrictDocument12/1/2011361.47 KBDownload
Eagle Scout Court of HonorCrow River DistrictDocument12/1/2011248.94 KBDownload
The Eagle Court of Honor HandbookCrow River DistrictDocument12/1/2011292.04 KBDownload
Eagle Scout Resource PackageCrow River DistrictDocument11/29/2011573.89 KBDownload
Eagle Scout CeremonyCrow River DistrictDocument11/29/201198.48 KBDownload
Eagle Court of Honor Sample ProgramCrow River DistrictDocuments11/29/201182.65 KBDownload
CeremoniesCrow River DistrictDocument11/29/2011216.46 KBDownload
Eagle Court of Honor Survival Kit Document11/30/201154.29 KBDownload
Eagle Court of Honor ScriptsCrow River DistrictDocument11/29/2011166.13 KBDownload

2011 - November

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
2011-12 Roundtable Annual PlanJerry CarterPlan11/17/2011349.97 KBDownload
Boy Led TroopJerry CarterTraining11/17/2011267.38 KBDownload
BSA Mission-Aims-MethodsJerry CarterTraining11/17/2011136.02 KBDownload
Introduction to Leadership Skills for TroopsJerry CarterTraining11/17/2011519.68 KBDownload
Registration Change of PositionCrow River DistrictForm11/29/2011UnknownDownload
Troop Leadership Position CardsJerry CarterTraining11/17/20113.23 MBDownload
Ye Ole Medieval Fall Camporee FlyerJerry CarterEvent9/8/201141.06 KBDownload
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