Thursday, April 19, 2018

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2018 Merit Badge Madness




We CANNOT guarantee ANY class slots for walk-ins


There are no remedies for failure to register on-line (except for New Scout Program walk-ins).


Be sure to register your new Scouts (Webelos that have crossed over and will be registered with the troop before Mar 6).  Also, this will be a great head start for your Scout still working on Tenderfoot, 2nd Class or 1st Class Ranks.


We can make room for additional New Scout Program walk-ins.  Scouts MUST be registered with a troop on the day of training to receive credit for Boy Scout advancements.  Scouts can bring a completed application with them on the day of MBM.  


Scouts must have a signed Blue Card to take a Merit Badge Class. 

Scouts are expected to read the Merit Badge book, complete pre-MBM requirements BEFORE arrival to MBM, research and write notes in their workbooks for discussion in class.  Scouts that show up with blank workbooks can expect to receive only a partial completion for the Merit Badge. 

Please review the Pre-MBM requirements listed in the workbooks posted on this site or in the course catalog
Copies of the MB Workbooks (with specific instructions for MBM in red type) are posted below. 


Be sure to register your new Scouts (Webelos that have crossed over and will be registered with the troop before Mar 6). 

Also, the New Scout Program is will be a great head start for any Scouts still working on Tenderfoot, 2nd Class or 1st Class Ranks. 

A list of requirements expected to be trained are attached below.  Scouts should turn in the training sheet at the end of the day to their troop leaders.


See you there, 


Greg Youmans 
MBM Chair

 -Created on: Saturday, February 10, 2018

District Awards

We are now accepting nominations for Crow River District Awards, to be presented at the District Dinner on April 8th in Montrose.

These coveted awards include:

  • District Award of Merit
  • District Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Venture Crew Leader of the Year
  • District Scouter of the Year
  • District Unit Committee Chair of the Year
  • District Rookie of the Year
  • District Spouse of the Year
  • District Family of the Year

Additionally, the following are awarded at the unit level:

  • Key Leader
  • Sparkplug

Nominations are due March 1st.  Please use the form below, and submit your nominations to Greg Youmans (

District Award of Merit - CR.docx

District Award Nomination ____ of the Year Form 2018.docx

District Award Key Ldr Spark Plug Nomination Forms 2018.docx

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Live online broadcast of Roundtable meetings

It's always best to attend Roundtable, at 7 p.m., on the first Thursday of every month, at Howard Lake Middle School, but if you can't be there in person, you can still attend online.

Below are the links for our live broadcast of roundtable. register for the joint meeting, and then register for your breakout group:

JOINT MEETING - starts at 7 p.m.

CUB SCOUT BREAKOUT - starts about 7:30 p.m.

BOY SCOUTS BREAKOUT -starts about 7:30 p.m.

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